New Year At Mumbai

♪ Its a New beginning.., Hola 2☺14 !! ♪

HeY DEaRS !!

2♥14, this year is never gonna be like before.

It’s a New Beginning,,


Gateway of India ©JoySparkz

It’s a New Dawn.,


BandStand ©JoySparkz

Like the flower waiting for the Sunshine – Waited for A change,



Not only the Year has changed – Everything is going to change.

New year

The Lights of Hope©JoySparkz

Dumped all my sorrows and worries with the End of 2013. And Being happy for whatever happened to me, or else wouldn’t have learnt to tackle it. 🙂 Now, I’m ready for the Adventure.



Vadeshwar – A Cultural Treat

Bicholim, a beautiful and calm village in Goa. Bordem is a small part of Bicholim village. There is a belief  in villages that some god  goes around the villages in night time and save the people from evil spirits. Vadeshwar is one of that kind who saves the Bordem. Following are the pictures taken in the festival of thanking  the God, Vadeshwar.

This Festival is celebrated once in a year for five days which starts three days before the Sankarant. They organize various cultural programs in those five days. Usual people gather after their work and enjoy the programs till midnight.

Vadeshwar Temple

Couldn’t go any closer due to the crowd and taking photos is not encouraged here.

Hero ~ Heroin sorry Heroine 😀

Here comes the Anti Hero to add value to the play.

Time Pass

Budding Gambler