New Year At Mumbai

♪ Its a New beginning.., Hola 2☺14 !! ♪

HeY DEaRS !!

2♥14, this year is never gonna be like before.

It’s a New Beginning,,


Gateway of India ©JoySparkz

It’s a New Dawn.,


BandStand ©JoySparkz

Like the flower waiting for the Sunshine – Waited for A change,



Not only the Year has changed – Everything is going to change.

New year

The Lights of Hope©JoySparkz

Dumped all my sorrows and worries with the End of 2013. And Being happy for whatever happened to me, or else wouldn’t have learnt to tackle it. 🙂 Now, I’m ready for the Adventure.



Goa “Its not only a Dream anymore”

It was a dream to go around with a DSLR and capture photos which I was just capturing with my eyes. This land gave me a different view of life and photography. Always I end up giving my best with point and shoot without full satisfaction. Now not only season changed in Goa but my camera too. Thank god for making me own one from my pocket.

Thumbs UP  🙂 !!